Anywhere | Multi-Device

Paperbooklet, the universal clipboard comes as an add-on for your content management, wherein any of your important text can be stored and restored across all the platforms and devices. Never worry about jotting down that important info in the absence of note.

Store your info using any device and restore it simply by entering the generated URL on any device and any platform.

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Copy-Paste | Personal

With the free storing and restoring of text and content across multiple platforms and devices you never must worry about losing your physical or digital notes. Get a simple URL corresponding to your stored text to access it later anytime.

Any length of text or content is stored free and secure with us, for you to access and share at any point of time later.

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Free Cloud | 100% Free

Get free cloud support for all the content of yours that you want on the clipboard. You texts and content remains safely stored with the cloud services at Paperbooklet to restore them at any point of time across any device.

Be worry-free because your content lies safe and stored with us for the longest span of time and can be restored according to your diction.

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Monster | Pro-packs

With encryption enabled storage, your text remains safe from leaking out to any unethical element, ensuring safety and privacy of your content and info. With encrypted content saving feature Paperbooklet ensures no loopholes in its privacy.

Enjoy the experience of universal clipboard without having to worry about the privacy of your content.

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Firewall | Reli-crypt

Make use of the universal clipboard with the best of security, reliability and privacy for its users. With a huge cloud storage available, you can store and restore an enormous amount of data at any point of time, across any device.

With its availability across all the platforms the sharing and storing of contents is easy with all your smart devices.

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img | Short Link

Squeeze those long and annoying URLs with to share, tweet, mail or text to your friends. The app is designed to work across all devices and OSs. Generating really simple and easy characters to share as URLs, it fits in your social media accounts too.

Shorten, optimize and brand your links. Share it across all marketing channels and platforms, to connect to the specific TG.

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